Country Doodle Dogs
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About Doodles

Labradoodles are very loving, social, easily trainable and family dogs with beauty that compares to
know other dog bred. Their eagerness to please and nature make them perfect for therapy
work or just the perfect family pet.

What Sizes Do Labradoodles Come In?

Standard Size

These sized dogs will grow to be about 22" to thier shoulders.
Females will weigh in at 50-70lbs. Males weigh in around 70-90lbs.

Medium Size

These dogs grow to 21"
Females weigh in between 40-70 lbs. Males weigh in between 70-90 lbs.

Mini Size

The mini size is still 14"-16"
Females weigh in between 30-40 lbs. Males between 40-60 lbs.


The Labradoodle Generations
There are two generation types, F1 and F1B

F1 Labradoodles

F1 types are 50% Poodle and 50% Lab. They have straighter more wavy coats.  F1's do shed



F1B Labradoodles

F1B types are a 75% poodle to 25% lab mix. These are NON-SHEDDING!


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