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Thank you for always reminding us that our Doodles are the BEST!! :0) 

 Country Doodle Friends,

Hello Larbradoodle Lovers......

We have great news, Anna has delivered 9 beautiful
puppies on January 13th!! Yippee.....This litter is Australian Labradoodles.


         We love our new families and they love their new puppies ;0)  


Our best dog ever!    

All of the above is just the preamble to the real message.  We LOVE Rokah with a passion!  She is a GREAT
dog and we can’t imagine life without her.   She loves hugs and kisses and prefers a lap to her bed anytime.  We feel so lucky to have found her and are so grateful to have her in our life.  Thank you so much for breeding such a great dog!   

 Kindest Regards,

Hi Traci,
Cruiser is 20 lbs. now and doing great. Will be starting her puppy classes soon. So far, not a single complaint, we love her!
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Hi Traci!

  Just wanted to send you an update on Henson! He is doing GREAT-and growing so fast!!

Last week we finished puppy kindergarten- in a week or two we are on to the puppy basics class :).  Henson is a happy boy and has the sweetest disposition- he is so calm (well, for a puppy) and people tell us how well behaved he is all the time.  He finished his last round of vaccines last week and we can't wait to take him to the dog park and Golden Gardens beach so he can run around and play!  We love him so much- thank you for everything!!

Sam and Jason


We love Demi so much thank you for a wonderful dog. 
I didn't think we could ever find a dog as good as our last labradoodle.
I think Demi is better!


Hi Traci!

Hope Grizz and all the doggies are doing well! Just a quick update - Maggie
is proving to be an awesome addition to our family. She's quickly getting
taller and curlier, overall still very curious yet calm and impresses most
with her good manners with a good 'sit' when we meet new friends. She loves
to play, we have at least a few play sessions with different friends and
their dogs each week. I could go on, but I'll spare you :).

One of my sister's friends saw pictures of her and asked for breeder's info
- please let me know if it's OK to pass on.

See attached for a picture - we went to Port Ludlow the weekend before

Thanks for raising a great puppy for us!


Hi Traci,
I wanted to share some wonderful pictures of our / your puppy.  Dublin (Grizz & Harley 11-2010) is very spoiled and VERY MUCH loved.  He is a very special boy in so many different ways.  Stephen has trained him for Truffle hunting, below you will see his first "loot" he actually found in the field.  They are Oregon White Truffles, Dublin finds his test ones that Stephen "plants" in the ground.  We LOVE HIM SO VERY MUCH, he has been such an amazing boy for us and my favorite dog I have ever owned, in his own way. I am trying to train him as my service dog, he is doing well in that role as well.
With the above said, it's very hard to look for another puppy anywhere else.  Wondering if you have any puppies available at this time.  I want another LARGE Standard just like Dublin.  If none available at this time, are you expecting any...we are in no hurry if none available, we will definitely wait.  My only thing, we love, no WE LOVE, Dublin's amazing brown nose.  We would want another brown nose puppy and wool/fleece coat.  Again, will wait for the right one if need be.
I hope this email finds you well and enjoying life with your WONDERFUL dogs and beautiful family.

Thank you for the happy love story!! Emails like this make my day, no my week...
Thank you, thank you!! Harley and Grizz are my favorite parents :)




Country Doodle Dogs breeds the finest Labradoodles in the Northwest. Our satisfied customers from around
the country will attest to that.

Our dogs come in multple colors brown, cream, caramel, black, white, red, auburn, and many in between mixes. Labradoodles are of even temperment that require lots of love and attention.

Labradoodles have become ultra popular for about the last five years. 

All our puppies are a non shedding F1B breed. This means that there is no fur to clean up and they are also hypo-allergenic. So if you have allergies you can still have a great family pet.

Please browse through our site and if you have any questions don't hesitate to call.
Country Doodle Dogs.
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